Global Private Solutions (GPS) Managed Service

A tailored expenditure management solution that gives you a clear, ongoing picture of expenditure and budgets.

We assign a dedicated account manager who works closely with your staff and advisors to tailor the process to your personal needs. We analyse and track expenditure and create user-friendly reports for you or your advisors.

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Using our state-of-the-art technology

Our proprietary software is cutting-edge in this market segment, developed specifically for private clients and staff members. Its intelligent algorithms learn from previous expenditure patterns, reducing the administrative workload for your staff.

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We integrate bespoke processes seamlessly in the areas of general expenditure, cost management and budgeting with your staff.

Benefitting you

We have extensive experience in delivering expenditure management solutions to private clients, and we have developed our solution to be multi-currency, flexible, scalable and tailored to your needs.

We give you back time by integrating processes seamlessly into your staff’s work, and by providing feedback in whatever way works best for you. The increased transparency and organisation of expenditure allows costs to be managed more effectively.

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Benefitting your staff

We free your staff from the traditional daily, weekly and monthly tasks of processing expenses, organising receipts, handling physical receipts and producing reports. This greatly decreases the time they spend on expenses, allowing them to focus on their core work. Reducing their administrative burden also increases their job satisfaction. GPS provides both setup and ongoing support, because we understand the sensitivity required when implementing new processes.

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We understand what’s important

We know how hard it is to find time to track and focus on overall expenditure. Lack of organisation and processes with staff makes it even harder to know what is coming and going. Being organised at a micro level gives you confidence about the big picture. With this information you can plan your expenditure for the years ahead, enjoying ongoing peace of mind.

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GPS creates an efficient, personalised approach, based on years of experience and underpinned by technology that is user-friendly and saves time and costs.

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